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Why the Mazda3 is the Best Fit for You

If you are in the market shopping for a new compact car, you may be overwhelmed by the numerous choices you have. Two of the common options out there are the Mazda3 line and the Honda Civic. While both are suitable compact cars, there is one clear winner when you compare their prices and efficiencies.

Features: 2015 Mazda3 i SV Sedan vs. 2015 Honda Civic LX Sedan

We've taken a detailed look to find out which of these models stands above the other. We chose two specific models: the 2015 Mazda3 i SV Sedan and the 2015 Honda Civic LX Sedan. The price of 2015 the Mazda3 i SV Sedan is $16,945 while that of 2015 Honda Civic LX Sedan is $18,490. The Mazda3 has a 2.0-liter four-cylinder 155 horsepower engine, the 2015 Honda Civic LX Sedan has a 1.8-liter four-cylinder, 143 horsepower engine. Another aspect we looked at is the fuel economy of both models. We found the Mazda3 has an annual fuel cost of $1,250, while the Honda Civic has a fuel cost of around $1,300.

2015 Mazda3 i SV Sedan

  • Priced at $16,945
  • 2.0-liter four-cylinder 155 horsepower engine
  • Annual fuel cost of $1,250

2015 Honda Civic LX Sedan

  • Priced at $18,490
  • 1.8-liter four-cylinder, 143 horsepower engine
  • Annual fuel cost closer to $1,300

Critical Analysis of these features

When we looked at the annual fuel cost, the base price and standard engine features, we found that the Mazda3 model has a slight edge over Honda Civic. The Mazda3 is a 2014 model that has undergone full redesigning with new inside and outside styling. It boasts a more powerful engine, better fuel economy, new standard features, and a few new high-tech options . Drivers from Greenwood, Indiana, and the surrounding areas of Marion County, Johnson County, and Bartholomew and Morgan Counties will enjoy the maneuverability and sportiness of Mazda3 vehicles.

Hubler Mazda dealership's Advice

Given that the Mazda3 vehicles wins in almost every category, it is no surprise that many residents of Franklin, Whiteland, Columbus and Hendrix County own them. When you're ready to see for yourself how it's superior, come into our Greenwood Mazda dealership to schedule a test drive.

Here at Hubler Mazda, we have been conducting our business in Indianapolis selling new and used cars for over 20 years. We are located in Greenwood, Indiana, serving Mazda car buyers from cities such as Plainsfield, Avon, Danville, and Mooresville, and we can help you determine which of these cars is the best fit for your needs.